Peer Advising Fellows Program

Position Overview

Peer Advising Fellows (PAFs) are sophomores, juniors, and seniors who help freshmen navigate academic, extracurricular, and social opportunities at Harvard. From their first communication with incoming students during the summer, PAFs offer support and assistance to their advisees as they navigate the first year. In compensation for their work over the year, PAFs receive a stipend of $1000.

Peer Advising Fellows are associated with individual proctor groups to build community through study breaks and other entryway events. PAFs are part of the first-year advising network comprising proctors, non-resident freshman advisers, and the Resident Deans of Freshmen. Fellows work closely with proctors as well as with members of the Board of Freshman Advisers to provide advice and support for the freshman class.

Each Peer Advising Fellow has a group of advisees, within the entryway, matched by extracurricular and academic interests. Fellows meet with their advisees both individually and in groups in order to help them make the most of what Harvard offers. Fellows help build community through weekly study breaks and through dorm-wide social events.

The Advising Programs Office (APO) provides extensive training and support for the Peer Advising Fellows program, as well as programming funds for advising activities.

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