APO Staff


Glenn Brody Magid, Director of Advising Programs and Assistant Dean of Harvard College
Sue Brown, Associate Director of Advising Programs and Assistant Dean of Harvard College
Brooks Lambert-Sluder, Assistant Director of Advising Programs
Candida Smith, Assistant Director for Administration and Finance
Dominick Zarcone, Jr., Program Coordinator

Glenn Brody Magid, Director of Advising Programs and Assistant Dean of Harvard College



Glenn first came to Harvard in 1991 as a graduate student in ancient Near Eastern languages and civilizations.  While in grad school, he served as a Proctor and Freshman Adviser in the Yard (Thayer), a Fellowships Tutor and Assistant Senior Tutor in Pforzheimer House, and an Allston Burr Assistant Dean in Leverett House.  After a six year stint advising undergraduates and helping build a new advising program at Stanford University, Glenn returned to Harvard in 2011 to join the Advising Programs Office which he now directs.  Glenn works with students, faculty, and staff across campus, and with staff in the APO, to strengthen the advising supports for Harvard students and to support the work of Harvard advisers.   


Sue Brown, Associate Director of Advising Programs and Assistant Dean of Harvard College




Sue Brown first joined the Harvard community as a faculty member in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures where she taught theoretical syntax and historical linguistics for eight years. Sue joined the Freshman Dean's Office in June 2005 as a Resident Dean of Freshmen for Elm Yard where she led Proctors in supporting the academic and personal success of Classes 2009 through 2016 in their first year. Sue joined the APO in July 2013. Having co-led first-year advising for two years, Sue now oversees the Sophomore Advising Program in the Houses and works directly with the Houses’ Sophomore Advising Coordinators. She looks forward to collaborating with students and colleagues throughout the College and using her experience working with first-year students to build up the Sophomore Advising Program to provide the best possible support for our sophomores.

Brooks Lambert-Sluder, Assistant Director of Advising Programs




Brooks directs first-year advising, including overseeing the Board of Freshman Advisors and the Peer Advising Fellows program.

Brooks lived in Canaday Hall and Currier House as an undergraduate at Harvard, and concentrated in History. He started working in the Harvard College Dean's Office in 2005 on the Harvard College Curricular Review. Brooks joined the Advising Programs Office as it began in 2006, helping launch the PAF program in 2006-07. Since then, Brooks has been involved in a number of programs and initiatives for and with students, advisers, and colleagues around the campus. Since 2007, Brooks has served as a freshman proctor. He currently lives in Apley Court in Ivy Yard.

Candida Smith, Assistant Director for Administration and Finance



 Candy is responsible for the financial operations of the Advising Programs Office.  In addition to being the department administrator for the Program in General Education, Candy oversees payroll administration, peer advising fellow stipend payments, all procurement transactions, department journals for large advising events, preparation and maintenance of Program budget, and other miscellaneous financial issues that may arise for the Advising Program Office.


Dominick Zarcone, Jr., Program Administrator






Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Dominick earned his B.A. in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Tampa and, soon after, moved to Boston where he received his M.S. in Advertising degree from Boston University. Dominick aided heavily in the development, creation and maturation of the “Concentrations at Harvard College” website and is now the Advising Programs Coordinator.  Dominick currently facilitates the APO's social media initiatives/engagement, manages all of the APO's websites, aids in digital & print graphic design strategies and acts as the administrative & web implementation specialist.